One week til Chuska!!

The 23rd Chuksa Challenge will be a weekend of riding/racing, awesome food, live music, amazing country and a real fine forecast….come check it out!

We’ve got yoga with “world’s fittest man” Steve Ilg, awesome pottery awards by Veronica Ynebay, music by Lightning Rock,, Nolan Nolan 

Karras JamesSage Bond, Gary Elthe and more, plus a visit from Code Talker John Kinsel, Sr. Saturday features circuit race, kids race and tour, with 60-mile Arizona Endurance Series event to Cove on Sunday.

The Dine’ Bike Project will have tons of bikes to be offered to youth and others, in exchange for some volunteer service, trail time or bike work in their communities! Hit us up if you are interested. We always take donated used bikes, as well, if you want to bring some out.

The ride will also highlight some of the fine trail work by Mark J Povich and his crew in Cove!

You can get more details and register here.

The last 24 hours has been the start of another amazing weekend of events, xc meets, trail projects….the wellness revolution in Dine’ Bikeyah is rolling on!!