Since 2015, NavajoYES has been working to bring the Cycle Kids school-based bike program to Dine’ Bikeyah.

In 2016,  Shonto Prep School became the first school on the Navajo Nation to partner with Cycle Kids, a nonprofit organization geared toward promoting bikes and safety among elementary students.  The programs is designed for 4th and 5th grade students, and includes a set of ten mountain bikes, helmets and a ready-to-use curriculum that are incorporated in P.E. or health classes.  The goal of the program is to get students comfortable on a bike and to learn a few things about safety and maintenance, while promoting two wheeled wellness.  Shonto Prep implemented the program in spring 2017, and T’iis Nasbas Community School and Red Mesa Elementary School will be the next two partner schools on the Nation.  In April 2018, Cycle Kids will have a team competing in the Boston Marathon to raise funds for these projects.  For more about Cycle Kids, please visit the website: