Our bike exchange program, is an ongoing effort of NavajoYES to promote fitness at the grassroots level by providing mountain bikes to local communities as a means of surrounding our youth and communities with an “infrastructure of wellness”. Through the program, NavajoYES acquires decent used bikes of all types that we then restore, with the assistance of local volunteers, schools and community groups.

The first phase of the project was initiated in fall 2015, when over 80 bikes found their way in to homes.  Additional exchanges took place in 2016, and the project is now ongoing across the Navajo Nation.  Youth and community members may earn a bike by putting in service time on local trails projects, at the bike work days or on other local projects.

If you are interested in donating bikes and/or volunteering your time and skills to help restore bikes, please contact Tom Riggenbach at 928.429.0345 or George Kelly at 505.215.0944.