The 2022 Shiprock Marathon is

May 7th, 2022

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Shiprock Marathon is the oldest and largest marathon on the Navajo Nation and offers other-worldly views of this volcanic core that juts 1800 feet into the desert sky. The marathon routes takes you on a loop of the pinnacle, while the half route provides stunning views from a slightly further distance. Race weekend at Shiprock includes shorter races, as well as the Kids Marathon, which attracts 400+ young runners every year who complete their “final mile” on race weekend. There is lots to know about this place and this very special race, so check it out on this thorough website.

Running or walking outside is good medicine in these strange times, so let’s keep on moving! You can hit us up here or at if you have any questions, and let’s spread the word!! More info on Facebook:


Shiprock Kids Marathon

The Shiprock Kids Marathon is for all young runners from the schools of Dine’ Bikeyah and our young visitors/runners from outside the area.  This is the second year in which the race will be run at your home school or community!  Have a great run!!

Now that you are ready to sign up, here is what you do –

  • If you are running with your school, your teacher will give you a registration form to fill
    out a form. You can return that form to the school folks after you and youir parents
    complete it.
  • If you are running on your own, you may e-mail the form to Tom at . You can also send it to NavajoYES, P.O. Box 1487 Teec Nos
    Pos, AZ 86514.

Now, it is time to run!
You can run your 26.2 miles between January and the first of May. You can run at school or at home. Run with friends or run with your family. Run in P.E. class, run behind the chapter house, run to the bus stop, run to your grandma’s . . . . it all counts! Just keep track of your miles and record it on your running log.  You can track your miles on the form below, then give it to your teacher or mail it to us.

Kids Marathon Registration Form

Kids Marathon Flyer



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