NavajoYES continues to lead the Dine’ trails revolution through the Navajo Trails Task Force, which advocates for and supports trails efforts across the Nation.

Our Story

After decades of local trail projects, NavajoYES spearheaded the development of the Navajo Trails Initiative in 2016. With support from the Division of Natural Resources, Navajo Parks & Rec, Office of Navajo President and Vice President, Engineers Without Borders and Southwest Trail Solutions, grassroots efforts have flourished. The initiative has led to a plethora of new trail projects across the Navajo Nation, including Shiprock, Tuba City, Pinon, Kayenta, Shonto, Four Corners Monument, Window Rock, Rainbow Bridge, Cove, Little Colorado River Tribal Park, Beclabito, Chuska Mountains, Dilcon, Navajo Mountain and Tsaile.


History and Overview

Benefits of Trails


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